Alim Jiwa

Product Manager, Engineer


Went to engineering school and learned to build things.
I now lead product teams that build the right things.

Born and raised on the west coast in Vancouver. Graduated as class valedictorian in mechatronics engineering at a world top 40 university, and spent my free time building artificially intelligent robots that play soccer.

Jumped directly into co-founding an ad-tech start-up, while conducting research for an M.ASc degree.

Previously worked as a senior technical product manager on core account services and agent branding at Zillow. Currently a product manager at Clio, working on cloud documents and billing software for the legal industry.

Travel addict , ultimate frisbee player, trivia master, and recovering quote junkie in my spare time.


  • Work experience

  • Product Manager - Clio

    Responsible for leading 2 product teams, developing industry leading cloud document management and billing software for legal professionals.

  • Senior Technical Product Manager - Zillow

    Responsible for at scale core data services & UI features backing profiles/tools for real estate professionals; site account infrastructure/security; and consumer tools for evaluation of real estate professionals. Led product for two development teams (14 engineers and 1 UX designer in total.)

  • Director of Product - Pretio Interactive

    Responsible for generating/prototyping product features/specifications from user and partner needs. Implementing smart roll outs to minimize risk and maximize end-user value. Liasing between the sales/strategy teams and the development team, to prioritize work.

  • Director of Sales and Business Development - Pretio Interactive

    Built up a catalog of currated reward offer partnerships from digital agencies and the online retailers they represented. Took leads all the way from generation, to closing, to account management. This role ended when we started to build a dedicated sales team to focus on the advertiser side of the business.

  • Product Design Engineer - Living Silicon

    Product design and prototype engineering for a stealth stage consumer robotics platform.



Very basic proficiency in:
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • C/C++
  • Git


  • UX/ Wireframes/ Mockups
  • Performance Marketing
  • User Testing
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Sales/CRM Processes
  • Lean Methodology